Hotel Policies


    • The Check-out is at 12:00. The Check-in is at 15:00. All our guests must be registered at reception.
    • The access to the rooms is not allowed to visitors not registered in the receipt.
    • If there was a person extra in the room the value of the occupation will be loaded on the account of the client
    • If you want to prolong your stay report with 24 hours of anticipation to the reception.
    • If you have some object of value (jewels, money, personal computers, passports, tickets, etc.) please use our service of safety.
    • Villa de Tacvnga is not responsible for personal losses caused in the rooms.
    • Prohibited to smoke in the rooms and corridors.
    • Prohibited to touch musical instruments, radios or televisions to high volume
    • Pets are not allowed in hotel.
    • It is not allowed cook in the rooms or balconies.
    • Any damage caused by guests to the property of the hotel will be charged to the guest.
    • The administration reserves the right to finish the contract of accommodations if someone of the previous regulations is violated.



    • To guarantee your reservation there is needed a deposit or a number of credit card.
    • The deposit guarantees the confirmation of your reservation.
    • Please make your reservations by means of our reservations form on line. We will send a confirmation of your reservation after receiving your information. Please provide the names of all the persons to lodging in comments.
    • The deposit will be paid to your final account of the hotel when you’ll check-out.
    • Rooms, configuration of the beds and special requests are sent to the hotel and are subject to the availability in the day your arrival. Though all the efforts necessary are realized to assure that the type of requested room should be available, Villa de Tacvnga does not guarantee the configuration of the beds in the room. Other additional requests are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed by Villa de Tacvnga.
    • Alternative housing: Villa de Tacvnga strains in providing the requested services to his clients. In case the hotel could not expire with your reservation due to a possible overbooking or for other circumstances, we will try for all the means to offer an alternative housing to a similar price and quality. If this happened, we would put in touch with you by e-mail and would request your authorization to continue with the reservation. If you reject the offered alternative and already had paid the reservation a refund would be emitted with the major possible briefness.
    • Villa de Tacvnga’s does not take responsibility of the lack of availability of rooms as result of the possible one on sale his rooms on the part of the hotel.
    • Ending of the reservation: As soon as the reservation has been confirmed, we will load a fixed quantity on your credit card to guarantee your reservation. In case the loaded quantity at this moment was not the total quantity of the reservation, the hanging balance sheet would subscribe directly in the hotel during your stay. As soon as the credit card has been an accused the voucher of Confirmation housing will be sent by e-mail. The voucher of confirmation must be presented on arrival to the hotel together with a document of identity. The titular guest of this reservation must sign the voucher of confirmation and present it to the personnel of the hotel at his arrival.



    • Alterations and cancellations of rooms must be realized by e-mail to, we will send a confirmation by this way after receiving your information. Please provide the names of all the persons to lodging


    If you need to cancel his(her,your) reservation, please take in consideration our formalities:

    • Cancellations before 72 hours 100 % of reimbursement in favour of the client.
    • Cancellations between 72 at 24 hours there is invoiced 50 % of the value of a night of stay.
    • Cancellations between 24 hours to 0 hours there is invoiced 100 % of the value of a night of stay.


    Terms of Payments and reservations.- Your reservation only will have validity or will be affective if before you realized your payment on line, transfer or bank deposit.


    No Show.- Your room will be waiting for you the day and hour sent by e-mail, if the person who will occupy the room has not come for the indicated day there will not be restitution of money, services nor accomodations. You’ll have to pay for the second time since the previous payment has been debited for the day and hour of your reservation sent by e-mail.


    Phones in Ecuador: Movistar +593 987629205 / Claro +593 994783935


    Conventional Phones

    Ecuador:+593 32812352 / +593 32809050 / Fax: +539 3 2809067


    When a reservation especially has specific penalties of cancellation, which do not coincide with the established ones above (as it informed him for telephone, or as it was appearing at the moment of the reservation or as it received by e-mail in the Confirmation of reservation, the specific conditions prevail over the policy of cancellation of Villa de Tacvnga. For example, if a reservation specifies the following way that ” This reservation does not admit cancellations. There will be loaded 100 % of the amount of the reservation”, the cancelation policy of Villa de Tacvnga will not be applied, by what returns neither would be emitted changes or cancellations nor would be allowed.


    Claims: In case of suffering any problem or wanting to do a claim, it is indispensable that the client inform to Villa de Tacvnga as soon as possible. Any claim that could not be solved by the hotel in the moment of your stay, must be notified in writing to Villa de Tacvnga. The claims must be sent in writing to the following email address: This does not assure that the promblem that you experimented with the received services can be solved.


    Privacy: All the personal information proportionate will be used in agreement to our policies of privacy. Completing the reservation you accept the above mentioned policies and the use your information. We take very seriously your privacy and we will take all the measures possibles to protect your personal information. All personal dedicated information will be used only to complete your request. We neither will sell nor will deliver your information to any person or entity.


    We understand that your travel plans could need an early arrival or late exit from your destination. The hotel normally do everything possible for attending to his your requests, but these only can be guaranteed by the hotel your arrival or exit of the same one. The standard schedule of arrival it is 15:00 and that of exit it is 12:00. Normally the schedule appears in your reservation. If you want to guarantee a schedule of entry before the established, or to extend your schedule of exit, you will need to reserve an additional night. Until it is specified otherwise, all the rates are for room and in the night, and are subject to the maximum capacity of the room in the existing beds.